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The Holden HQ HJ Story


HQ Development
HQ Production
HQ Trim & Paint
HQ Brochures
HQ Sandman & SS
HJ Developent

HJ Production
HJ Trim & Paint
HJ Brochures
HJ Sandman
HQ HJ Options & Acc.
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Titles in Print

The Holden HK HT HG story

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Torana Tough


Early Australian automobile design

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Our Story

H@ND Publishing commenced in 2002 with the publication of 100 Years of GM in Australia. We publish exclusively books authored by Norm Darwin, these now number 10 titles. Prior to establishing H@ND Publishing Norm authored The History of Holden since 1917, The History of Ford in Australia and Gold'n Spa - History of the Hepburn Shire


100 Years of GM in Australia

Monaro Magic

Eclipse Ford

Torana Tough

Monaro Magic Platinum Edition

Early Australia automotive design

The Holden HK HT HG Story

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Our Team

Heather and Norm Darwin work together to produce Norm's books, creating the layout, text and images. Expert technical help is obtained on each specialised topic from enthusiasts throughout Australia.

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